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Advanced analytics and
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SSA & Company helps businesses maximize their return on advanced analytics

Only 4% of companies represent the data elite that have gained significant competitive advantage from advanced analytics.


Because success is about strategy execution, operations transformation, leadership, and culture. Not just access to data and tools.

Unlock Your Analytics Value


We cut through big data’s noise and hype to deliver transformative impact

01 Bringing 20+ years of transformation expertise
We created Lean Six Sigma, the first data-driven management philosophy. Today, we deliver unique Advanced Operations solutions—by combining advanced analytics, new technology, and our 20+ year operations transformation heritage —helping clients achieve sustainable, profitable growth.
02 Shifting your analytics from reactive to predictive
We help you take data from hindsight to foresight by collecting and analyzing real-time information and distributing it across the organization.
03 Integrating capabilities to best solve your business problems
We integrate people, process, data, and technology. Today’s toughest challenges are multidimensional. Transformation comes from combining advanced analytics with multiple capabilities to drive insight to operations to results across an organization.
04 Applying the right platform for your specific situation
We are tool agnostic, so we do not push proprietary software. We recommend the right solutions to solve problems—not maximize technology fees.

Technology is not
a data strategy

Our comprehensive solutions align with business strategy, deliver measurable ROI, and build capability for sustainable results. We work with companies in three ways:

Big Data Strategy

How and where to apply data for competitive advantage

We focus your data strategy on three key questions:

  1. What are your company’s most important performance metrics?
  2. What data do you need to collect and measure them accurately and regularly?
  3. What tools, talent, and processes do you need to make that data actionable?


Making it happen

We don’t just build your data strategy; we partner with you to execute it.

We begin with pilots at low cost and great speed to prove value.

Organizational Sustainability

Teaching you to fish and building analytics DNA

We help organizations shift their cultures from being data curious to data ready, using data for all decision making across the enterprise. We upskill business leaders to help them work more effectively with technologists and data scientists and to generate insights that will lead to real, measurable business results.

How You Win

Make data paramount

Every decision, process, and action taken depends upon and produces data.

Solve current challenges with sustainable, operationalized, advanced analytics

Systematically augment and replace 'gut-instinct' with analytics

Get everyone to think bigger; if you can imagine it, that's not big enough

With our help, clients are building real differentiation...

Identifying cost drivers and re-architecting operations

Mapping flow of 3+ million unique work products against economic models to gain high-precision insights


+23% contribution margin improvement for leading PE-owned healthcare business

Defining a holistic, top-down data strategy

Identifying and matching business levers to data and technology needs and prioritizing areas that deliver the greatest ROI


+120% data analytics use creating immense positive momentum for a leading banking association

Building a “crystal ball”

Applying real-time, large scale external big data to identify significance and velocity of trending issues that most impact operations and brand


~$6M cost savings via 1000% more trackable issue data for a F100 hospitality company

Eliminating bottlenecks and speeding time to market

Leveraging new platforms and machine learning to enable R&D capacity planning


35% improved time to market for a large, PE-owned electronics manufacturer

Enabling the digital oil field

Using real-time data and dashboarding to change decision making, job definition, and process


17% cost per barrel reduction over three years at one of North America’s largest energy companies


Strategy execution and advanced analytics experts

Selected Team Members

David Hampton Senior Director
Jason Berg Associate Director
Jason Meil Managing Director, New Products and Innovation
Jim Hamski Product Manager
John Blankenbaker Principal Data Scientist
Michael Rammensee Data Scientist and Associate Consultant
Nick Kramer Vice President, Data & Analytics
Nicole Hunger Associate Consultant

Select Advisors and Partners

Deb Henretta
Harry McMahon
Les Brun

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Maximize your return on advanced analytics

Unlocking data’s value requires an enterprise approach. SSA & Company provides comprehensive analytics solutions to companies across the globe.

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